Natural Dye Logo Tee

Natural Dye Logo Tee

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Hand-dyed logo tees might be our faves yet! Each of the 12 tees in this limited edition set were hand-dyed by PP Studio Member Courtney Dudley.

Each is unique and made usually only natural materials (plus pH modifiers). All the fabrics were scoured and mordanted before dyeing, so there is low risk of run of color running during washing. However, as this is a delicate dye process, we recommend hand washing to best maintain the color. A note about this from Courtney:

One of the beautiful things about natural dyes and stains is that they are alive. These colors may fade over time and a splash of lemon juice (or other acid) could change the color. This should not take away from the enjoyment of wearing the garment! Wash as little as possible, by hand, and separately with cold water and natural, ph neutral, gentle detergent. Dry in the dryer or in the shade. Keep out of direct sunlight.


  • part of a unique set of 12
  • dyed with indigo 
  • hand wash separately with cold water, ideally air dry
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